I have been selected for Google Summer of Code (again!). I will be working with Sahana Software Foundation on their humanitarian FOSS project Sahana Eden. It has been almost two years since I am working with Sahana, and every single day has proved to be a promising learning experience.

As part of GSoC, I will be working on Sahana Sunflower, which will be used as a community managment tool to see what everyone is interested in working on and for people to report problems or seek assistance regarding Sahana Eden. It will have information about the deployments, members and volunteers of Sahana Eden around the globe. Also, giving stats about the community work, it will be useful in getting funds for this HFOSS!

Being a critical tool for Sahana, it gives a warm satisfying feel to take up the responsibility of building it during the summer. This is one of the best things about the program, you get to work on projects that are really important and do make an impact on a wider audience. Also, you learn to write good quality code, rather than some code which ‘just-works’ somehow.

Open Source is an addiction, and I hope that it stays with me for a long long time :)

Meanwhile, I am also working on computational fluid dynamics, trying to simulate fluid flows on GPUs in parallel using CUDA. With over a million particle interacting with each other, according to some crazy physics equations, it is challenging but fun to watch the fluids flow on your computer screen.

If you look around, there is a lot to keep yourself occupied with, atleast I have, so looking forward to a great summer!

– SJ