The first week has almost come to an end. I must say, this was a pretty productive week. To start off, I set up a demo instance of Sunflower on which I would push the newer code.

The targets of the week were to -

  • Redesign the website to use a bootstrap based theme
  • Fetch updates from Github, Twitter, Sahana wiki, Tasks list and Sahana Tickets

Redesigning the webpage was fun, as we know it, bootstrap is quite awesome!

Before redesigning -


After redesigning -


Though I am not that good at web design, but I guess I did a decent enough job :)

Now, for fetching the updates, I decided to use the RSS and Atom feeds for Github and Twitter. The Sahana wiki is hosted on trac, so the RSS feeds for the wiki updates and tickets were also easily available.

For the tasks lists, which were stored in Sunflower’s database itself, it was a bit tricky to generate the RSS feed. It involved exporting the data in a xml format. But, there was XSLT to the rescue! Putting in some effort with XSLT, I was able to generate a RSS feed for the tasks list as well.

Having all the feeds, I used the Google Feed API to parse the feeds and display them in a tabbed manner.

In all, I would say, I struggled a bit with the documentation of Google Feed API, it could have been better, but nonetheless, I am really glad with the overall progress of the week.

Having read this post, if you have a bit more patience, do check out the demo site here :)

Also, this week’s work can be found here – #770

Signing off.

– SJ