With the end of the second week, comes another post!

This week, I settled on the overall design for managing projects using Sunflower, constructing a logical hierarchy for them. It is true, constructing a hierarchy for something makes it easier to visualise and thus manage.

The project hierarchy is simple – A project can have a number of milestones under it, each of which could contain a number of tasks. Also, one can set the intended duration of each milestone, thus creating a timeline for the project. I guess this is pretty much how I (and most of you?) like to work; setting small goals in my mind, and further dividing them into todos.

Having said that, I realised that it is very important to eat our own dog food. So, as suggested by Michael, I started managing my GSoC project using Sunflower itself, while it is under development, so that I could get first hand feedback on it’s usability.

You can see this week’s work here – #779, #782, #784

The next week would see me working on access control, making sure that the users can only see data intended for them. Indeed, a very critical part in designing a working system.

Signing off.

– SJ